Photography Tips and Trick - 83 (Try to Guess Lighting Setup on Other's Photos)

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Open your favorite magazine and try to figure out how they took some of the photos.  What kind of lighting did they have?  What angle or perspective did the camera have?  Can you take something from what you see and use it in your next photoshoot?

If You Don't Make Mistakes, You are not Trying Hard Enough

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I had a big fail tonight (Wednesday) before this Thursday posting.  I fully intended a short write-up to guide you to my YouTube channel for how to edit a photo in Lightroom.  The video was a live session and it lasted for 25 minutes.

So what failed?  The screen share and comments failed me.   

I had great plans, but during the presentation, I had to make changes.  I had dual monitors set up so I could share one screen and manage the live feed on the other.  What I didn't plan on was the photo I was going to use for editing was on a drive that needed to be connected to my computer and I had to disconnect my second monitor to get that drive plugged in because I only had one port for that connector.  When I disconnected the monitor, the screen sharing stopped.

That should not have been a problem because the folks in chat would have told me.  Well, they tried and tried.  They really tried.  I did not learn that my screen share had stopped until the entire session was complete.  At one time I had changed what I was sharing and that fixed the screen share, but not until 18 minutes plus into the session.  

I searched support for Streamyard and found that is an issue with Facebook.  Streamyard tries to configure Facebook to allow public comments, but Facebook ignores that request from Sreamyard.  The fix is to manually configure that in my Facebook settings and that is now done.

I will try again next week and hope to do better.

In lieu of advertising my failed live video from tonight, I am going to advertise my scheduled Youtube video which is a review of my camera backpack and what I pack in it.  Both this blog post and that video will automatically post at 8:30 AM Thursday morning.

What is in my camera bag?What is in my camera bag?What is in my camera bag?

Photography Tips and Tricks - 82 (Use One Note)

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Use OneNote or another application to write out how to do things you are learning.  Write such that you can hand it to a friend and they can use it.  When you do this, you will have a deeper understanding and have access to a personal library for some "how-to" articles.

Choosing the Right SD Card for Your Camera

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Did you notice the title didn't say "the Best"?   That is because the best is very subjective and also not needed for some consumer cameras.  The "best" card may keep up with the fastest camera and seldom have to buffer after a burst of photos.  However, most of us do not need that ability.

Even if your camera does have a high burst speed, you still may not need the "best" card.  Instead, some much less expensive cards are sufficient for even professional photographers.

If you are doing portrait photography you do not want to cull through a couple of thousand photos for the 10 to 20 photos you may want to keep.


So, who should use the high-end, expensive a.k.a "best" cards?  The use cases are limited.  If you are photographing, Nascar, bike races, professional sports, or even high school events are good candidates.  Some wildlife photographers may argue they need higher-end cards too.  If you are wanting rapid fire during your sporting event with minimal or no buffering, then consider one of the more expensive cards.

I have never personally needed the high-end cards and have avoided the cost.  The card I have purchased are ScanDisk 32GB cards.  You can find them on amazon here.

Check out my recorded live session on Youtube where I talk in more detail about the cards I use and some things to think about.

Leave a comment below on what you want to know about photography - who knows, it may be a topic in a future post or video.

Photography Tips and Tricks - 81 (Upside Down Review)

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When reviewing two photos and trying to decide which is better turn them both upside down. This may help you see distractions that you don't see when they are right-side up.