RAW vs JPEG (Which is Better)

January 22, 2022
TLDR; RAW is better than JPEG. I started my photography with a film camera and my entry to digital was with a basic point and shoot camera. RAW was not an option in my e...
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Are You Wasting Your Money on Camera Memory Cards?

January 13, 2022
I started a YouTube Series on very basic photography and the first video is titled " How to Take a Picture (Super Camera Basics)." Check it out. It is about as basic as I...
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Photography Tips and Trick - 56

January 10, 2022
Brr. Is it cold where you are? It is currently about 14 Fahrenheit or -10 Celsius and taking my camera outside is going to result in a frost over on my lens due to the ra...
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An Easy Setup for Creating Time Lapse of Jigsaw Puzzle (Simple)

January 06, 2022
This is my setup for my time-lapse jigsaw puzzle projects. The hard work is putting the puzzle together and creating the timelapse with all the photos once the puzzle is...
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Photography Tips and Tricks - 55

January 03, 2022
Happy New Year! In this week's tip, I am sharing how I store my photos for easy retrieval. There are two basic methods. 1. By location/topic. All your photos are organiz...
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