How to Get Great Bird Photos the Right Way

June 30, 2022
How to Get Great Bird Photos the Right Way Great photos of birds come with some effort. Most birds will not stay still for you to get a photo. So, with practice and plan...
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Photography Tips and Tricks - 76 - Dressing for the Shoot

June 27, 2022
Dress for the shoot is important. If you are doing a portrait shoot, then I don't need to tell you much. Dress for success. Wildlife Photography on the other hand is diff...
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The Best Lens for Firework Photography

June 23, 2022
The best lens is the lens you have if you only have one lens. However, if you have more than one, which one should you use? My favorite is my 24-70mm lens. It gives me s...
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Going Live Today at 6:00 PM

June 20, 2022
Today is the day I go live. Go to my YouTube Channel today at 6:00 PM to see me live. Topics: Let's go! * Camera Mode Dials * Interesting photos in the past week * P...
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Going Live with Practicing Photography

June 16, 2022
I'm starting a live stream and my goal is to do it once a week for a year. It might be a bit ambitious, but I'm going to give it a shot anyway. I'm starting a live s...
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