Senior Photo Session Pricing

I am a photographer with a passion for making your Senior Photo an experience for you to remember.  You have many choices to make as you complete graduation.  Whether you are finishing High School or College, let's create a memory for you to have and can share with others.

You only get one chance for this time in your life, so don't miss out.

Session Fee (1 hr)

Prints 150.00

Print Price Sheet

Here are some common questions:

Where can we do the photoshoot? The photos are about you. Choose a location that gives you the background you want in the photos. We can travel, but remember to include travel time if you choose more than one location. Additional fees for multiple location shoots.
What should I wear?

This is also your choice. You can choose an outfit to match your personality or wear your school uniform or props that represent your school activity. If your location has a busy background, stick with solid colors.

Can I get all the photos on a CD or as a download? See my price sheet for digitals suitable for printing.  I'll deliver between 20 and 40 photos with reduced quality that are fine for social media, but not good for printing.
Can others order prints? Yes, I will share the link with a password to order prints with anyone you want. I can give you discounts if you order in bundles.
Is there anything I can do to prepare myself

There is a lot for you to do to be ready for this event.  Remember, this is going to be a lifetime memory, so let's make a list and make sure we are prepared.

1.  Get a good night's rest
2.  If you need a haircut get it a few days or a week before the shoot
3.  Put your makeup on before we meet
4.  Bring a friend or parent - they can help you relax and smile
5.  Clear your calendar so you are not rushed

What if it is raining? Rain is annoying and not good for either of us, so we will reschedule. But if it's not raining, we can still do the shoot, and you will still love your photos. We're not after a big sky, and I have flashes to fill in the light. We can do amazing things
Finally, here is what I need from you.

1.  Do not cancel the day of the shoot.
2.  Bring a friend or parent.
3.  Bring your smile and personality.
4.  A short 15-30 minute call to get to know you so we can set up location and expectations.
5.  It is best to know how you want to use your prints so we can select the best print sizes and how to conduct the shoot.