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This page will be mostly static with new items placed near the top before being moved to one of the categories below.  The monthly theme will stay at the top and a favorite photo will be placed in the "photo" column that I receive.  Send any photos to my email: [email protected] (I populated the email with permission for me to use your photo.  This is the only location where I will display your photo)

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HVL Polar Bear Dip is New Years Day at 12:00 but I recommend arriving around 11:30 as people gather.

So a couple of points if you are coming to take photos ( If you are jumping in, I have no tips.  I don't do that.  :)

  • It is supposed to be rainy, so cover your camera with a plastic bag.
  • Use Shutter Priority if you are not comfortable with manual mode
    • Use a fast shutter speed 1/500th of a second or faster.  People will be running and shivering and you need a fast shutter speed to get sharp photos
    • Also, use auto ISO if needed
  • Take a lot of photos


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January 2022 Cold  


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