Photos with Santa at PAWS of
Dearborn County

Thank you for visiting and supporting PAWS of Dearborn County.  This website is not affiliated with PAWS of Dearborn County and was set up at no cost to PAWS of Dearborn County.  This website is provided by Doug Gabbard at

If you had a photo session with Santa and your pet on December 11th, 2021, you can find your photo in the photo gallery.  You should have received a ONE-TIME use coupon to download one digital copy during that session.  The coupon will expire on January 31st of 2022.  You may download additional photos at a cost of $4.44 each.  

Proceeds from each download (excluding free downloads) will be shared with PAWS of Dearborn County.

Pet Photos
With Santa

The photos on this site were taken by Doug Gabbard ( with time (and one free download) provided as a donation to  PAWS of Dearborn County

To view the entire gallery, click on the link above or on the photo of my Yorkie in my camera bag.

Contact Doug for additional services.

Yorkie in Camera BagYorkie in Camera BagYorkie in Camera Bag