Setup Cheap Backups of Your Photos or Become a Statistic

September 15, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

How many backups before you feel safe? One? Two? Three?


The photo above is an inexpensive drive bay that will hold standard SATA drives.  I install four 4TB drives giving me up to 16TB of storage.  I paid about 60 dollars for mine several years ago and with inflation, I can find a similar one for about 100 dollars.  If you are technical and can write scripts to automate some of your work this is the way to go. And it will save you a ton of money.

Back to the Answer:
For me?  I want three copies.  One on my computer/attached drive, a backup device, and finally off-site storage.

This blog is about the second copy of my three copies.  In my previous blog, I showed you my folder structure for my computer/drive copy where I use Year/Month/Event for all my photos for the first copy.

My backup drives have the same structure as my attached drive(s).  I simply drag and drop files from my attached drive to my backup device.  

My risk is my method is manual to go from my computer drives to my backup device.  However, when I work on my process I complete the copy across all my devices in one setting.  So, I don’t just copy from my SD card to my computer and back up later.  It is one long smooth process from end to end.  From SD cards to backup drives.


If you want to get a similar setup here is what I can find at today's prices:

You can follow my video series topic here:  Full Play list for this series





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