Is BackBlaze a Good Idea?

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Should you be using a service like BackBlaze?

I think so

This is the 4th step in my process to give me peace of mind that I will not lose any photo EVER.  You can checkout the video series for this workflow HERE.

This has been a fun series reviewing my workflow process and I even made some improvements along the way.  It is amazing when I share or teach something that I know how to do,  I get a deeper understanding of my processes and often make improvements.

I am hoping you have learned from this series that you should have 3 copies of every photo.
1.  One on your computer/drive
2.  One on a large backup system (bay of drives or one really large external drive)
3.  One on a cloud storage solution

I can't tell enough you how import having all three is.  If you can't afford something like BackBlaze at least use something that you may have available already such as Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive.  And worse case at least have the second copy  - that will not protect you from a natural disaster, but it is better than nothing.


In my research for this post I found YouTube videos claiming BackBlaze is a SCAM and acts like a Virus.  This peaked my interest since I use BackBlaze and am recommending you should use it as well.  So, I watched the videos for you.  If you use my link for BackBlaze you get a free month and I get a free month added to my subscription at no additional cost to you or me.  If you don’t use my link you only get 14 free days, so use my link and we both win.

But before you do that let me debunk the Scam and Virus claims.

Is BackBlaze a Scam?
No!  The first claim of it being a Scam is a misunderstanding of how the product works.  The claim is a file is deleted on your hard drive it also is deleted from BackBlaze.  What actually happens is you can still recover that deleted file for up to 30 days.  BackBlaze is a backup of your files not an "archive" of all the files and all deleted files.  BackBlaze is for disaster recovery.   There is an option to extend the 30 days to 1 year - see below where I bring up a hidden fee.

Does BackBlaze act like a virus?
No.  No. And No.  The claim is BackBlaze consumes too much CPU and impacts video recording.  While that may be true, that is not even close to what a virus does.  Viruses are destructive or collects valuable information or opens vulnerablilites for hackers to access and more.  Backblaze does none of those things.  Backblaze is persistent and will restart after it is paused.  The complaint in one of the negative videos was that Backblaze consumes some of the computer resources and caused performance issues with video streaming.  This is easily resolved by exiting the backblaze software before using intense applications or not running Backblaze on a machine used for streaming.

Once you have the backBlaze client installed the backups are automatic.  But there are some caveats you need to know.

BackBlaze is BACKUP not an archive of all your files stored forever.
This is the feature of BackBlaze that the user claimed to be a scam.  There is a responsibility for your part to maintain the files on BackBlaze.  This s not hard to do.  If all your photos are on your computer, you simply need it to be turned on and connected to the Internet and it will refresh BackBlaze with the current list of files to maintain.  If you exceed that 30 days then backBlaze will assume the drive is lost and will delete the files in backBlaze

There is a hidden fee that you can opt into, but you don’t learn about it until you sign up.  I don't like that, but it is what it is.

By default, BackBlaze will keep your files for 30 days from the last time a drive was connected.  So if you do not connect your drives or turn your computer on for 30 days, Backblaze will delete your files.  For an additional 2 dollars a month (at the time of writing this) you can extend that 30 days to 1 year.  Easy Peasy?

Remember it is a backup, not an extra hard drive

These items will not be an impact for almost every user of BackBlaze.
BackBlaze can be a resource hit for both your computer and your Internet.
If you are running software that needs a lot of compute power you may want to stop backBlaze during that work.
If you have a limit on data usage you may exceed that on your initial backup
It can take a long time to backup all your photos – maybe months.
If that is true there is an option to get a drive from BackBlaze to copy your files locally and ship to them to place on their system.

I have been using BackBlaze for several years and have been able to recover several photos that I have needed.  I have been lucky enough to not have to recover all my photos.  If I do, there is an option to have my files shipped on a hard drive or download them if I am patient enough to wait.

Okay.  I will stop talking about all the tech part, let’s look at their website for what to look for and how to get started.  Go to my video version of this blog for a demo of the webpage and client install.



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