Easy File Organization All Photographers Can Use

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Do you spend hours searching for a photo but never find it.

In this video, I am sharing how I organize my photos to fix this problem when I copy my photos from an SD card to my computer.   This method or organization helps me down the road when I need to find photos.

This is step 2 of my workflow process.   I share the end to end process on my YouTube channel.

Computer storage does not need to be complicated.

Think of computer storage as a temporary location and used for editing.  As you start taking more photos you find that your computer hard drive will not be big enough.  So, to use your “computer” for a storage location you will need to use external drives connected to your computer or a really large internal hard drive.

I opt for the external drives.  For this I use 1TB Scan Disk SSDs.  SSDs are a must because they are not the old fashion spinning disks.  SSDs are fast and if connected through a fast USB port then they work great when editing.

Once my SSD begins to fill up I purchase another 1TB SSD for future photos.  Or better yet, when it is 1/2 way full I start thinking of getting the next SSD drive.

To help me find photos I use a folder structure.  The folder structure I use is Year, Month, Event.  Another method I have heard others use is location based.  I prefer the Year, Month, Event method.  The point here is to choose a method and stick with it.

The image below is a screen shot of my storage concept an I explain this structure on my YouTube channel.

Storage StructureStorage StructureStorage Structure



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