Love and Care of SD Cards and Why Size Matters

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Does Size Matter for SD Cards?

I Heart SD CardsI Heart SD Cards

Answer: Stick around while I tell that and more

This is step 1 of my workflow with more details.  To see the entire workflow at a higher overview, check out the overview video.

So let’s talk about which SD Cards to get and how to handle your SD Card(s) as well as some do’s and don’t.

  1. Have more than one
    1. Only having 1 is a recipe’ for a bad day when the SD card quits working
    2. Search amazon for a multi-pack of SD cards with the size you need
  2. Have a spare SD card that is inexpensive and stored in your car
    1. Either a cheap one that you don’t care about or
    2. An older card that you have retired after a lot of use
  3. Get a carrying case for your cards
    1. A carrying case makes it easier to find your memory cards
    2. You can use your case to organize them
    3. I will give you a link below for the case I use.
  4. Size matters
    1. Depending on your camera 32 GB may be plenty
    2. If you have a 40+ Mega Pixel camera I recommend 64 or 128 GB
    3. Get SD cards that will hold more than one photo shoot if possible
  5. Speed Matters
    1. If you find cheap cards they are likely counterfeit or not fast.
    2. If there are not numbers stating speed they are likely older technology and not fast.
    3. Stick with good name brands.  I use Scandisk or Lexar
    4. I will have a link below for a 3 pack of ScanDisk 32 GB Speed 90 MB that I have used.  These are great for most photographers


Link for a video of gifts under 10 dollars that suggest the same SD Cards.


  1. Don’t delete photos on the SD Card right away
    1. As I mentioned on the previous “Size Matters” if your card can hold more than one photo shoot, then leave them there.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Keep them in a case
  • Format them with your camera
  • Label them with month and year purchased
  • Keep them clean and free of dirt
  • Transfer photos to your storage and backup soon
  • Put the SD Card back in your camera after copying photos


  • Store them loose in your bag
  • Format them with your computer
  • Wait for the card to fail before you replace it
  • Put a dirty card in your camera
  • Wait for a long time before transferring to backups
  • Leave your SD Card on your desk after copying photos to your backups



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