Choosing the Right SD Card for Your Camera

August 04, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Did you notice the title didn't say "the Best"?   That is because the best is very subjective and also not needed for some consumer cameras.  The "best" card may keep up with the fastest camera and seldom have to buffer after a burst of photos.  However, most of us do not need that ability.

Even if your camera does have a high burst speed, you still may not need the "best" card.  Instead, some much less expensive cards are sufficient for even professional photographers.

If you are doing portrait photography you do not want to cull through a couple of thousand photos for the 10 to 20 photos you may want to keep.


So, who should use the high-end, expensive a.k.a "best" cards?  The use cases are limited.  If you are photographing, Nascar, bike races, professional sports, or even high school events are good candidates.  Some wildlife photographers may argue they need higher-end cards too.  If you are wanting rapid fire during your sporting event with minimal or no buffering, then consider one of the more expensive cards.

I have never personally needed the high-end cards and have avoided the cost.  The card I have purchased are ScanDisk 32GB cards.  You can find them on amazon here.

Check out my recorded live session on Youtube where I talk in more detail about the cards I use and some things to think about.

Leave a comment below on what you want to know about photography - who knows, it may be a topic in a future post or video.


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