Fox Use Humans for Protection

July 21, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I am lucky to live in a community that has a lot of wooded areas for wildlife.  We have deer, coyotes, raccoons, mink, squirrels, skunks, and many more.  My favorite in our environment is the fox.   There are some years that I don't see the fox, but this year I am seeing a family with two kits running around near my house.

Fox dens are often on the edge of woods, on a hillside, in a brush, and close to humans because coyotes will get their young.  The coyotes tend to stay clear of humans giving the fox a place of safety.

Here is a photo of what I think is the mother of the two kits we have seen.  However, I have not got a photo of the kits (yet). 


I was out with my Yorkie when I spotted this fox.  She was coming around the neighbor's house when she spotted a squirrel.   She tried to sneak up on the squirrel but it had run into a small bushy tree.

She saw me and my Yorkie and approached and watched us from about 50 feet and went back to the treed squirrel.  I took my Yorkie into our home and quietly returned with my camera.  It was a Canon R5 and had my 150-600mm Sigma lens.

I took a few photos to ensure I had a shot before I attempted to get closer.  Once I had a few shots I slowly got to the same spot that I was at with my Yorkie.  Since she already had seen me and checked me out, I feel she was comfortable with where I was.

I was able to take these photos without disturbing her while she waited for the squirrel.  At one time she climbed into the tree, but could not reach the squirrel

Eventually, she was startled when the neighbor opened their door unaware the fox was close to her front door.  With that noise, the fox ran off.  But I did get these photos.

Fox WatchingFax watchingFox Watching Fox on the ProwlFox on the ProwlFox on the Prowl


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