I want to Improve My photography | What is the first step?

April 21, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I want to Improve My photography. What is the first step?

I run a small photography club and the desire to improve is common for everyone with a camera in their hands. This is true whether it is for personal memories, sharing photos on social media, or even professional shoots. We all want to improve, so what is the first step?

The truth is, this is not going to be a long post. If you feel like reading a little behind this thinking you can apply this to about anything you want to improve, then you are right. However, if you want to get right to the point, then this is what I would suggest.

In all my activities, jobs, hobbies, etc. I found the best way for me to improve is to start doing what it is I want to improve. For photography, the obvious to do is to get out there and shoot. This sounds really simple, but it's true that no matter what the endeavor is, to improve, I need to practice the craft. Sure, you can learn on Youtube or other training sites, but until you get out there and start shooting, you won't truly understand.

For example: When I'm doing bird photography, I think a lot about the settings for the camera, where the light is, whether the bird is moving, whether it's on a perch, where the sun is, what's in the background, whether the light is on the face of the bird, and so on. There is a lot more. But as you can see, it's difficult to describe all this and there is more than what I listed, and the list changes with each shot.

So, it's more than just the setting within the exposure triangle. If you don't get the other elements right, you likely won't be happy with your photo. Improving this takes practice and repetition.



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