How to Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card [ For Free ]

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You can recover deleted photos!  Yes, You can!  Unless you make this mistake!  I am going to tell you how to avoid this mistake and show you how to recover deleted photos for free.

vFrustratedFrustrated Oh No!  I just deleted ALL my photos.

This has happened to us all and if it has not happened to you, get ready your day is coming. 

For some cameras, it may be easy to delete all files by mistake.  My camera takes a little more effort to delete them all, but it could be that you only deleted one or two photos that need to be recovered.

Whatever your situation, let's work on recovering the deleted photos.

Your first thought may be to put your SD card in your computer and use the recycle bin

If you used computers for any amount of time you have probably heard of the recycle bin.  But don't get your hopes up.  There is not a recycle bin on an SD card.

You can discover this by using your computer to delete files on the SD card.  On Windows, you will be warned that the files will be PERMANTLY deleted and you can cancel.  PERMANENT deletion means no recycle bin.

Since the recycle bin is not an option we need to use software tools to recover deleted files.  Fortunately, there are free software tools to recover your deleted photos.

Remember I said you need to avoid one mistake?  But first here are some details to understand the importance of not making this mistake.

I will start the explanation with a very high-level understanding of what happens when you delete a file.   When a file is deleted it is not physically "erased".  Instead, it is simply hidden from view and left mostly intact.  The space where the deleted files existed is now available to accept new data to be written.  Then if new data is written to the SD Card the locations of the deleted files can be overwritten.

The mistake is to continue using the card to take more photos after you have mistakenly deleted photos.

So the first step to increasing the chance for you to be able to recover the files is to immediately stop using the card.

I have used a program called Recuva and it is free but has a paid version for about 19.95 as of this video/post.  Another program, a friend used is called EasyUS and while it worked it cost 69.95 to actually recover the files.

I will have links to both of these programs in my description below.  Neither is an affiliate link and my personal experience is only with Recuva and EasyUS (through a friend's experience).

I have created a demonstration of deleting and recovering photos using the Recuva software.   So check my video on Youtube for the demo.

Recuva is the free version with an inexpensive upgrade to pro:  Recuva

EasyUS is not a free version, but works as well: EasyUS



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