How Many SD Cards Do I Need | Beginner Photographer Questions

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How Many SD Cards Do I Need as Beginner Photographer (Questions)

Many beginner photographers have one SD card and one battery for their camera.  So, how many should you have?  In this blog post, I will help you decide on your own.

First, let's cover SD Cards.   SD Cards are not expensive.  Well, they can be, but you don't have to break the bank.   SD cards are very complicated when you try to understand all the numbers and what different kinds of cards there are.  For the most part, all SD cards are compatible.  There is a new version that is backward compatible, but if you find this one the price will likely scare you away.   You can get a 32GB fast SD card for under 10 dollars.

To answer the initial question of how many SD cards you should have as a beginner photographer, the answer is more than one.

Most cameras can fill up a 2GB card very quickly and the cost for SD Cards up to 32GB is pretty close to the same price.  So, for beginner photographers, a 32GB SD Card is typically a good choice.  Here is a link for 3 SD Cards priced at 22 dollars for all three (well under 10 dollars each).

This is an image of a 16GB card similar to the 32 GB card.  The specs to look for when considering a card is the speed.  The speed on this card shows 95 MB/Sec and that is great for a beginner and many professional photographers alike.   There are some other designations, but for now, just pay attention to the speed.  If there is not a "speed" designation on the card it is probably because it is very slow.


The reason to have more than one SD Card is twofold:

  1. SD Cards can fail and it is nice to have one at the ready
  2. If you are on vacation or away from your computer and your card fills up, having a second card to continue shooting is a must.

If you only have one SD card, get more!


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