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I'm looking for people who are up for a photo challenge. If you're one of them, you came to the right place

We can have so much fun collaborating on photo challenges, so get your creative ideas flowing together.

This challenge is about reflections but stay to the end for a bonus challenge.

I have two simple reflective photos as examples that I took at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio. The first photo is probably on the largest lake at Spring Grove Cemetery, and not far from the main entrance.  This lake is a perfect subject for reflective photos because the water is generally very still. I added some ripples by tossing a small rock into the water before taking the photo. This way, I was able to break up the water in the foreground.

Spring Grove Cemetery Lake ReflectionSpring Grove Cemetery Lake ReflectionSpring Grove Cemetery Lake Reflection

Did you catch that tip? Interact with water if you think it can improve your photo.

The second photo is on the same lake. It is near some nesting swans. In this photo, one of the swans is leaving the nest to go chase off some geese. The two images of the swans are the same photo, but one of them is flipped over. Which of these two images is right-side up?

Swan ReflectionSwan ReflectionSwan Reflection

If you want to guess before I tell you which one is right-side up, don't scroll much further.

I'm thankful for every person who reads this blog. If you find these blogs helpful or enjoyable, take a second to share my blog with others and leave a comment. In addition, leave a link to your work so I can see your photos.

Back to the swan photo. The one on the left is right-side up because you can see the location of the bubbles.

These two photos were good for reflections when I was taking them. But I want this challenge to be more than just the obvious, and if you've stuck with me so far, thanks.

Let's add some challenges to the reflection photo task. If you've done any of my photo challenges, you may recall my fondness of the "list of 7" challenge.

However, no list of seven this time. Instead, I am challenging you to get as many reflective photos as you can in a seven-day period. Bonus points for each reflective surface that is not water.
Need some ideas?  Check out  Pinterest is never lacking in the idea department and is one of my favorites when I need a little inspirational push.

If you haven't seen any of my "list of seven" projects check out one of these two videos.

What are you waiting for? Get your camera. Get your reflection photography game on and go take some of those photos then share them with me.


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