Why You Should NOT Upgrade to a Mirrorless Camera

February 03, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

WHAT?  Don't upgrade to a mirrorless?  Is there something wrong with them?  They do have some issues, but nothing significant if you are buying a high-end mirrorless.  If your current digital camera is working well for you, I would give it another year.  If your camera is on life-support or broken, consider taking the leap.

I have read reviews on several brands of mirrorless cameras and the reviews are good.  I have watched video reviews too that show the great features of the new mirrorless cameras. So, why not?  The easiest way to answer this is to tell you I am holding off for now.

I purchased the Canon 5D Mark IV about 3 years ago and it is a high-end professional camera.  My camera gets heavy use and I have completed many projects but, I still have not pushed the limits of this camera.  If you encounter a wedding sometime soon, check out the camera the photographer is using.  Unless they are a high-volume photographer, my guess is they still have a DLSR camera.  If they do have a mirrorless they probably have more than one camera with them and it is likely their DLSR that they had before they purchased the mirrorless.  Mirrorless cameras are the "new thing" and many are jumping on board and that's great.  Let them test them and work out the bugs.  I am normally a pioneer when it comes to tech, but my current stock of camera equipment does not justify the upgrade/change at this time.

Good cameras don't come cheap and if your current camera is meeting your needs, then stick with it.  I may have mentioned this before in previous blog posts or on my Youtube channel, but I made an effort to learn all the features of my Canon t5i before I made the leap to the Canon 5D Mark IV.  I learned a lot about the Canon 5ti that I did not know about.  So at first, I did not need to upgrade.  However, after using some of the features, I started pushing the limits of the Canon 5ti.  I hit enough items in my wish list to make the move to the Canon 5D Mark IV.  Here are some of the features I was gaining that I needed:

  1. Full-frame camera.
  2. Higher megapixels
  3. Better controls when in manual mode for controlling aperture and shutter speed
  4. Higher ISO range
  5. Ability to set minimum shutter speeds when in aperture priority
  6. Dual memory card for redundant photo storage
  7. Faster burst speeds
  8. Better focus tracking

These are the ones that drove my decision the most.  But as I said above, I did not make that decision until I started testing the limits of the Canon 5ti.  I have not found a situation the Canon 5D Mark IV does not fulfill my needs.  So a move to mirrorless in my opinion is not warranted just yet.

I hope this helps you think through your next upgrade or decision for any type of technology.   If you made the move to mirrorless leave me a comment as to why and are you glad you made the move.


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