How to Give Feedback for a Photo

November 17, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

We all like to get accolades for our work.  No matter if it is for your day-to-day work or the latest photo you posted on FaceBook or some other social media.  Feedback can make you feel good.  Or, it could make you feel bad.

So, let's talk about how to give feedback in a constructive way so you help the recipient and help them.

  • Only provide feedback when asked.
  • Start with what you love about the photo.  Don't just say you love it.  Share "the why".
  • Don't use phrases like "you" should have moved closer to improve the photo
    • Use "I" instead of "you".  And do it in a kind manner.  For example, I am curious if moving closer or finding a different angle would improve the photo.   In this manner, the photographer is not being targeted.  Instead, they are given the idea to think of other angles or other ideas.
  • Don't just say it sucks.
    • If someone gives feedback like that on social media, ignore them.  Or better yet block them or un-friend them if needed.
  • Give suggestions that could improve the image with specific detail on how that may be accomplished.
  • If you see the photographer leveraging the rule of thirds, leading lines, bokeh, mood, etc. be sure to compliment that effort and how it kept you viewing the photo.
  • Ask for feedback to see how others provide feedback.

Nice and short this week, but it is something that I wanted to share.  Most feedback I see is genuine and kind, but occasionally you get a troll, and as I said above, ignore them.

Now go take pictures.


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