Master Taking a Photo Every Day

October 27, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I may talk about this project for a few weeks as I am progressing through the process.  As I mentioned, it is okay to miss a day and after a whopping 7 days, I haven't missed one yet.

I have made two videos on this topic.  The first video is only 1 minute long and suggests planning a few days ahead of what your photos may be.  You may also want a theme for the week.  I have several lists of 7 videos.  Here is one for you to check out.

My second video is just showing my first 7 days of this adventure.

Today's photo was due to a lack of planning, but a good shot for my first milestone of 7 days in a row.  I took a quick selfie and decided to make the YouTube Short you hopefully clicked on already.


Leave a comment here or on my videos if you try this project and be sure to come back to both this blog and my Youtube Channel for updates on my project.


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