Are You Wasting Your Money on Camera Memory Cards?

January 13, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I started a YouTube Series on very basic photography and the first video is titled "How to Take a Picture (Super Camera Basics)."  Check it out.  It is about as basic as I can get.  I make sure you have a battery, you have a memory card, you have the lens cap is off, and you know how to push the button halfway to focus and then to push the button all the way to take the photo.  

It wasn't until after the video, that I decided to do this series the way I am about to now.  I will use my blog to walk you through the series and give some details of what each video is about and what the goal is.

The second video is going to be about the memory card and some guidance on what card to use or not use and why.  But as a beginner, you will find my belief is the card is not that important other than:

  1. It works
  2. It is big enough
  3. You have room on it.

I will go through how to empty the card for the shoot and my theory and practice there as well

The third video will be going on a shoot.

The fourth video will be getting the photos off of my memory card and safely backed up

The fifth video will be how I cull my images (aka:  delete the unwanted photos)

The sixth video will be how I edit some of my photos with Adobe Lightroom.

And finally, I reserve the right to add a few more to the series and I may not do them in order.  I may skip a week to fill in a different video.  But stay tuned and be sure to watch my video versions of this series as well.


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