Learn Manual Mode the Easy Way (How to do it in Seven Days)

September 30, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I am going on another "List of Seven" journey.  This one is all about learning manual mode on your camera.  To help you get to manual mode I already created several videos on shooting in aperture priority and one on why to use shutter priority.   In this "List of Seven" we will use aperture priority for 3 days, shutter priority for 3 days, and on day 7 go full manual.

Four of the days will have specific guidance and I challenge you to do more just the photo assignment with these two daily tasks.

  1. As you walk around in your day think of how you would use that day's assignment if you were taking pictures even when you don't have your camera in your hand.
  2. Each day and each photo write what did or did not work.


There will be 3 days of Aperture Priority

There will be 3 days of Shutter Priority

On day 7 we go all manual with ourselves.

Come back each of the next 7 days and do this project with me.   I will give guidance for the daily task and will also be mirroring this same task on my YouTube Channel. 


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