Photography Inspiration For Beginners

July 22, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

This week I am writing to encourage you to keep trying and to keep growing.  To do that my first step is to stop comparing my work to a professional that has been in the art for many years.  If you are just starting compare your work to your own work.  Are you improving? Are you growing? Are you challenging yourself?  Don't stop because you have one bad photoshoot.

Sometimes I go out and don't get that aha photo.  It is interesting, that no matter what I post on Facebook, my friends hit the like button.   I recently went to one of my favorite locations to try to capture a photo with contrast and is on public lands.  I got the idea from the Latitude Podcast episode titled: 122 Theodore Roosevelt National Park with Chuck Haney.  In the Podcast, they suggest the theme to take a photo in a public land with a theme of contrast.  My favorite photo location, the Oxbow, is public land in Lawrenceburg, IN.  However, the opportunity for contrast is very limited, but I went with that mindset anyway.  Here is the photo that I got from that trip.

Oxbow LakeOxbow LakeOxbow Lake

In my humble opinion, I did not find a strong contrast that I was after.   This does not discourage me from trying.  This was a tough challenge, but I would not have done that on my own without an outside influence.  I mean really! Who creates a challenge to look for contrast in a wooded area with a lake in the heat of summer - there is nothing with good contrast.  But, I tried anyway.  It caused me to think differently about what and how I was going to get my photo.

So, back to the topic at hand and the title of this blog post.  How can a beginner photographer get inspired?  I say it is easy if you have the passion to get the best photo you can get.  If you have the passion it is just a matter of being inspired to get out there and just shoot photos.

I have a lot to learn and I am learning a lot writing this blog and most recently with the start of my YouTube Channel.  I have kept my inspiration going by constantly trying new things.  Here are a few:

  • Photo projects
  • Started a photography club
  • Created a web page on Zenfolio
  • Write two blog posts every week
  • Posting one video every week
  • Networking with local professional photographers
  • Take training on the Internet with known successful (influencers)
  • Look up projects on YouTube
  • Create my own challenges for me and my club
  • I am a member of and occasionally look for challenges there

Get the idea?  If not, let me say it this way.  It is okay to fail as long as you are learning and try again.   I am most inspired when I try something new and knock it out of the park or fail but learn something I would not have learned if I hadn't tried.  Finding a photography friend can help as well because they will encourage you and share experiences.

So, get inspired by shooting more often.  I hope this helps you and would I would love to hear from you in the comments below about what inspires you to keep going.


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I am glad you found my blog.  I am a photographer with a passion for awesome shots.  I go to great lengths to capture many of my photos.  I will re-visit a location over and over knowing there is a spectacular photo just waiting to be had if I am there at the right time.   I also enjoy finding how to do some abstract projects (check out my time-lapse post) and will be writing about them.

Send me a note via my contact page for some projects you would like to see me try and write about.  I am not afraid to try almost any project.  Doing the obscure forces me to do things that I don't do with the typical photo shoot and helps me learn even more.