Fireworks Summary and Prep

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Nailing the best firework shot is up to you.  I have provided four different ways to capture the firework photos.  However, I have not touched on composition at all.   My focus, for now, was just getting good shots of fireworks in the sky and what are the basic settings for the four different methods.  You can find a PDF file with a summary of equipment and settings.  As a bonus, I created an image of exposure sliders to help understand the relationship between all the settings.  More to come on this in the form of blog posts and youtube videos.

Now you have some starting points to nail your first firework photoshoot.  Don't be afraid to try different things than what I have suggested.  I am sure you can come up with some cool shots.  The only cost is time if you are using digital cameras.

I hope you have read each of the blogs or watched my videos on youtube.  If not I will put a table below for links to both.  Remember one of my early points that this is not as difficult as it looks.  So, what can you do to stand out from others?  The answer is composition.

Tell a story

A foreground with the fireworks can add a lot to the photo and tell more of a story.  If you are in a crowd, set your camera low to the ground and let the people sitting/standing in front of you create a silhouette.  Your tripod may not go that low, so a good way to accomplish this is to bring a couple of books and set your camera on your blanket and use the book(s) to prop the lens up to point to the sky.  This will show a connection to people watching the fireworks show.

If you have access to a high point such as a house or public location that overlooks a city, the foreground of the city will show life below the fireworks.  In this situation, you don't have to wait for the big firework show if the locals are using self-purchased fireworks.   You can capture a wide number of fireworks all over the city with a long exposure (30 seconds). Or if you are comfortable with stacking photos in photoshop, you can create a panorama of many fireworks in different areas of the city.

Links to all four blog posts and YouTube versions of the same.

Blogs YouTube
Part 1: How to Nail the Best Fireworks Photos Part 1
Part 2: How to Take Erratic Camera Movement Shots with Fireworks part 2
Part 3: How to Take Intentional Camera Movement Shots with Fireworks Part 3
Part 4: How to take Zooming Photo Shots with Fireworks Part 4


Exposure Slider from PDF file.  Good enough to see it twice.  :)

Exposure Slider for FireworksExposure Slider for FireworksExposure Slider for Fireworks


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