Photography Tips and Tricks - 21 (Behind the Scenes)

May 03, 2021  •  4 Comments

So, with my start of youtube, I have missed a few of my PTT.  So here is a short tip and will continue the PTTs, but on Mondays at 8:30 AM

I failed to do this on my last photo session, so I am sharing my mistake and hope to remember this for my next trip.  When you are out with a friend or group on a photoshoot, get some behind-the-scenes shots.  For example A photo of a photographer in action, a group shot, or something other than the target subject.  These make great thumbnails for Youtube or posts on Facebook.


Doug Gabbard(non-registered)
@Lula E Finch Glad you are enjoying and I hope you are picking up good information. Thanks for the comment.
Lula E Finch(non-registered)
This is really informative blog. Keep posting. Looking forward to next from you.
Cell phone cameras have become "real" cameras as well, so don't discount them. Trust me, I much prefer my DLSR to my cell phone, but a local photo contest was one by a member of my photography club using a cell phone. Thanks for the kind words and the comment.

I am working on a fireworks series that I will be posting soon.
Clipping Next(non-registered)
This is awesome Photography Tips, I’ve always loved photography and I seriously wanted to learn more, you have given me exactly what I wanted, Although my first camera is on it’s way and now I have a better understanding how our cell phones camera works. I’ve tried a few shots with it and it works great can’t wait to do the real photography with my Camera
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