Photography Scavenger Hunt

March 27, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

It seems that game posts get the most hits, so here is another.  You can find others explaining similar, but I add an option to use Instagram as a way to share the photos.

In this game, you are tasked to find nine items.  Nine items are chosen so it fits in an Instagram feed if you are into that.  If not, then it is just nine photos. 

Here is a 9x9 grid from my Instagram feed that wasn't following any list, but is here for an example of an output you want to be turned in.


Here is a list of random thoughts from me to get you started.  Encourage participants to be creative and feel free to stretch each topic. So, remove any boundaries because there is no rule of how you connect your photos to each of the words/phrases.

  1. Rock
  2. Soft light
  3. Blue
  4. Wet
  5. Hot
  6. Silhouette
  7. Big
  8. Chaos
  9. Motion

To keep things unique from each participant, ask that no one shares any of the photos until a specific day.  This will encourage each person to be creative in their own way.  Copying from someone is a great way to learn, but this method helps bring the creativity out of those that participate.

So here are a couple of schedules depending on your situation (Case).

Case 1: Team Building over a weekend or week

In this case, I would recommend creating a new list that lines up with the purpose of the weekend or the location.  For example, if you are in Las Vegas one of the items could be to get a photo of a bride in her bridal gown.  There are a lot of weddings every day in Las Vegas.  Also if just a weekend trip then the list may need to be shortened.

  • Provide the list to the teams/individuals on the first day
  • Collect all entries day before the last day
  • Show the photos on a 9x9 grid from each entry on the last day

Case 2: Club weekly or monthly challenge

  • Provide the list to the teams/individuals on the first day
  • Set a complete by date for each entry
  • Remind to not share so each uses their own creativity
  • For a list of nine photos, you may need to give one week, two weeks, or a month

Case 3:  Rapid Fire
My favorite for several reasons:  It will finish quickly and makes each participant not overthink any given photo.
This case works well at festivals, busy cities, or parties.

  • Provide the list to the teams/individuals
  • Set a short time requirement of one to four hours
  • This method will really get the creative juices flowing 


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I am glad you found my blog.  I am a photographer with a passion for awesome shots.  I go to great lengths to capture many of my photos.  I will re-visit a location over and over knowing there is a spectacular photo just waiting to be had if I am there at the right time.   I also enjoy finding how to do some abstract projects (check out my time-lapse post) and will be writing about them.

Send me a note via my contact page for some projects you would like to see me try and write about.  I am not afraid to try almost any project.  Doing the obscure forces me to do things that I don't do with the typical photo shoot and helps me learn even more.