I Spy Photography Game

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I may be showing my age here, but when I was a child my family would play a game called "I spy with my little eye, something....."  The idea was to give a single hint and others had to guess what you saw.  For example "...something green."  and the answer could have been a green car.

This game is easier because there is no "wrong" answer.  The first photo has no rules and can be anything within the rules of ethical standards of your club.  The second photo has to include something from the first photo.  You can really stretch what you are matching like an object or a color.  You just have to explain your connection.

As an example, the first photo was posted and the 2nd photo has the comment of "I spy a bike in your photo"


Tight Race of ThreeTight Race of Three

I can't believe I started this game.  I am so excited.


I spy a bike in your photo.  I like the motion in your photo and the lineup of the front wheels.


There is really no "end" goal for the game other than guiding some interaction with your photography group.  In my example above I play the part of the first post and show how exciting it can be to be the first poster.  So, if you are running the game don't post the first photo.  For the second photo, I make the connection with a bike and provide some constructive feedback.

Some rules you may want to include:

  1. If you have a large group, minimize one person dominating by making a rule that you cannot add two photos in a row or have a minimum number of posts before you take another turn.  
  2. The poster must identify the connection
  3. Each post must provide constructive feedback about the previous photo

You can download a PDF version of this blog here.  The PDF version has some slight modifications, but nothing new from the above for rules or how to do this club activity.




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