Top Ten Photos for the Year (Part 2)

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This is part two of my top ten photos from 2020.  So, let's get right to it

Sixth photo.  If you are wondering where photos 1-5 are, go to last week's blog.  The first photon on this series was me playing with lighting and self-portraits.  This is not a selfie.  I set this up with a 10-second timer and I would move quickly to the spot for the pose.  I had a lot of fun trying different poses and this one was my favorite and was appropriate with all the turmoil with elections and COVID.

Praying for healingPraying for healingPraying for healing

Seventh Photo

I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot for my daughter's 2020 graduation from Indiana University.  I was solo and did not have a light stand, so most of my lighting was setting flashes on the ground and pointing up or placing them on a wall.  I was not able to use my soft boxes so any lighting was from a distance so it didn't overpower the scene or my daughter.

Daughter Portrait IUDaughter Portrait IUDaughter Portrait IU

Eighth Photo

We sadly lost our dog of 15 years in June.  This is our new puppy.  I had to lay on the ground and used a high flash to capture this photo.  The tongue was an extra that added story to the photo.  His name is Zeus and only a few months old in this photo.

Meet new puppy, Zeus.Meet new puppy, Zeus.Meet new puppy, Zeus.

Ninth Photo

This is Zeus again.  Boy was it fun.  After listening to some podcasts on pet photography, I gave it a try with our new puppy.  While he looks like he is about to take a bite of my hand, it was all very playful.  I had to have the lights unplugged due to the constant chewing on the cords.  But this one turned out great with the reaction of Zeus while I am trying to get lights wrapped around him for a cute photo.  In this setup, I have a softbox about 2 feet away pointing down at a 45-degree angle.  My camera is on a platypod and set to take a photo every five seconds.  The flash in the softbox is a GoDox 200 pro so it is keeping up with the 5-second interval.

Zeus and Christmas LightsZeus and Christmas LightsZeus and Christmas Lights

Tenth Photo.

This is my emotional add to the group. This is Nemo who passed away on June 24, 2020.  After 15 years it was a hard loss and he is missed.  This photo is done with no flash or tripod.  It is just one of many photos that I have taken and I like the alert look and full body photo.

Memory of Nemo. June 24, 2020.Memory of Nemo. June 24, 2020.


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