Ten Gifts for Photographers Under 50 Dollars (Buyer's Guide)

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Buying a gift for a photographer can be difficult, expensive, or both.  But it doesn't need to be.  In this blog post, I am going to share 10 gifts under 50 dollars that most photographers will enjoy.  All prices are at the time of writing this post and the prices may vary.  Use my links on the left column for a direct link to Amazon.

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Description Photo
  • 1.  Memory Card
  • Most cards are reasonable at 32GB
  • Look for write speed – 95 MB/s (that is for reading)
  • Write speeds are shown in the U and C.
    • U can be 1 or 3.  3 is faster
    • C can be 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10.  Ten is fastest
SD CardSD CardSD Card
13.99 on Amazon
  • 2.  L Bracket
  • L Bracket for the tripod

  • Price ranges from low to over 100 dollars.  But a basic L Bracket will be fine for most beginner photographer

L BracketL bracketL Bracket

18.99 on Amazon

  • 3.  Lens Caps
  • Lens Caps come in many sizes and are dependent on the lens, so don't look at the camera for information, each lens can have a different size

  • Some common sizes are 58mm, 77mm, and 82mm.  But check before you

Lens CapLens CapLens Cap
Most under 10 dollars on Amazon
  • 4.  Battery Case
  • Having extra batteries is nice to have. But it is good to have a nice storage case to go along.  This storage case is the one I have.

Battery CaseBattery CaseBattery Case

10.75 on Amazon

SD Card CaseSD Card CaseSD Card Case

16.75 on Amazon

  • Rain covers for cameras are great to protect cameras and are not expensive.  T

  • his cover is only 6.99 at the time of this post

Rain Coat for CameraRain Coat for CameraRain Coat for Camera
6.99 on Amazon
  • 7.  Light Reflector
  • Light reflectors are great for portrait photographers, but others can use them as well.  This 5 pack is a great bargain

Light ReflectorLight ReflectorLight Reflector
36.99 on Amazon
  • 8.  Crystal Balls
  • For the creative photographer, there are is a pair of crystal balls for special effects.

24.88 on Amazon
  • 9.  Fanny Pack
  • Photographers are known for losing a lens cap or battery when changing things out and leaving them behind.  A great solution for that is a fanny pack to put small items in.  This fanny pack comes in at a great price

Fanny PackFanny PackFanny Pack
18.99 on Amazon
  • 10.  Shoulder Strap
  • I replaced my camera strap with this one from Peak Design and love it.  It is easy to remove and switch to a wrist version from Peak design.

Peak Design Shoulder StrapPeak Design Shoulder StrapPeak Design Shoulder Strap
64.85 on Amazon
  • 11.  Wrist Strap
  • As promised here is the bonus (number 11) and is the wrist option from Peak Design.  This is great when I don't expect to need the full shoulder strap for security.

Peak Design Wrist StrapPeak Design Wrist StrapPeak Design Wrist Strap
29.95 on Amazon


Also, check out my companion YouTube video for this blog post.


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