Photography Tips and Tricks - 49

November 22, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

There are all kinds of "rules" in photography.  Remember it is okay to break them.  However, if you are practicing one of the "rules" or something you want to accomplish take time to look at your photos on your camera screen.  For example, if it is the rule of thirds, do you think you nailed it in-camera?  Try putting the subject in various positions on the "grid."  Even consider centering it just to see if it works.


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I am glad you found my blog.  I am a photographer with a passion for awesome shots.  I go to great lengths to capture many of my photos.  I will re-visit a location over and over knowing there is a spectacular photo just waiting to be had if I am there at the right time.   I also enjoy finding how to do some abstract projects (check out my time-lapse post) and will be writing about them.

Send me a note via my contact page for some projects you would like to see me try and write about.  I am not afraid to try almost any project.  Doing the obscure forces me to do things that I don't do with the typical photo shoot and helps me learn even more.