Taking Your Photography to the Next Level

January 01, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Happy New Year! 

Is your New Year's resolution to take your photography to the next level?

I can only hope that this year of 2021 will better than the one we just left.  To forever be known as: "The year that must not be named."  That said I will share with you my theory on New Year's resolutions.  It is something I have learned from some fitness trainers and I apply it to other areas in my life including photography.  TLDR; Today is the day to start on a new goal/resolution.  Don't wait for a new year to start.

Here are my general suggestions regarding goals:

  1. Most importantly, you don't have to wait for a new year to make a resolution. 
  2. Making lofty or abrupt life changes and expect them to stick on a specific date is unlikely to be successful. 
  3. It takes time and a lot of small changes to achieve goals. 
  4. The journey should be just as rewarding as reaching the goal.

Once you make goals - whenever that may be, you need to have actionable and measurable steps.  If I could also make a recommendation, read a book called: "Get Things Done (GTD)"  That book has a huge following and great ideas on how to GTD.

Here are some potential goals for photographers and example tasks:

1. Learn basics

  • Learn the basics of using a camera in manual mode
  • Attend training or sign up for an online course
  • Watch Youtube (find a few good ones to follow)

2. Improve skills (have some specifics such as portrait, landscape, macro, etc.)

  • Follow some photographer podcasters and Youtube channels
    • Interact with these photographers
  • Join a photography club
  • Connect with a professional photographer
  • Enter photography contests

The next two are my personal goals and I have been working on them.  For my wildlife goal, I had not found the right training until recently.  I watched this video by Steve Perry over the Christmas holiday season and will be trying many things suggested in this Youtube video.

3. Convert skills to a business

  • Setup portrait photography photoshoots
  • Build a portfolio
  • Let others know my intention

4. Take my wildlife photography to the next level

  • Use Youtube to find training opportunities
  • Get more photos - aka Practice more
  • Build my wildlife portfolio
  • Submit my work to wildlife photo contests

Whatever you decide for goals, I hope you are successful.  Remember my initial points that you do not need to wait for a new year to start and the journey is just as important as the goal itself.  Make your goals reachable and then "Believe and Go."  You got this; I have faith in you.


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I am glad you found my blog.  I am a photographer with a passion for awesome shots.  I go to great lengths to capture many of my photos.  I will re-visit a location over and over knowing there is a spectacular photo just waiting to be had if I am there at the right time.   I also enjoy finding how to do some abstract projects (check out my time-lapse post) and will be writing about them.

Send me a note via my contact page for some projects you would like to see me try and write about.  I am not afraid to try almost any project.  Doing the obscure forces me to do things that I don't do with the typical photo shoot and helps me learn even more.