Learn Something New

July 18, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Learn how to use your camera.  Regardless if you are using a smartphone or have an expensive DLSR, I am sure there is a feature, button, knob, dial, menu etc. that you have no idea what it does.  Start learning what each one does and how use it.

I was at a point where I thought I was ready to "upgrade" my camera.  But instead I upgraded my knowledge of the camera I had.  I made a commitment to myself to learn what every button, knob, and menu feature was and how to use it.  I completed that project and of course don't remember what everything is.   What I did learn was I didn't need to upgrade my camera yet.  I did eventually upgrade to a professional camera, but not until I started hitting limitations with my old camera.

So, the point here is as most photographers tell you, is that it often is not the camera that needs the upgrade its the user behind the camera.  So, before you invest in the latest tech, make sure you are using your current tech.

I would recommend going beyond learning how to use the features of your current camera.  Look at getting training by attending a workshop or joining clubs where there will people ready and willing to help you try something new.


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