Don't Forget Key Equipment with Checklists

February 29, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Checklists helps us remember more so we are not disappointed when we arrive to our destination to take photos.  Some of the items may seem uber obvious, but trust me the entire list is needed.  I have more than one camera and I take different cameras for different reasons.  So, yea... the first on the list is camera, but don't laugh - you want the right camera and lenses to match.  Maybe all your lenses are not interchangeable.  On with the list:

This list will be one long list but split into two preps - day before and day of.

Day Before

____ Charge all batteries

____ Clear memory cards


The next portion can also be the day before but charging and memory card management should be done the day before.

____ Camera Canon 5DMIV

____ Camera Canon 5ti

____ Camera inexpensive point and shoot (good for potential risky shoots)

____ Batteries for camera (s)

____ Memory cards

____ 50mm EF lens

____ 85mm EF lens

____ 24-70 EF lens

____ 70-200 EF lens

____ 75-300 EFs lens

____ Extension tubes

____ Lens filters

____ Tripod

____ Platypod

____ Cleaning wipes for lenses

____ Props

____ Flash(es)

____ Plenty of AA batteries for flash(es)

____ Flash triggers

____ AAA batteries for flash triggers

____ MORE TO ADD  I am still working on this list and it is a personal list but you should be able to make one of your own.



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