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Just turn around, you may be surprised at what you see.  So many photos are the same because we tend to take photos of what everyone else is taking.   Be different and turnaround.  It is easy to remember to turnaround, but that comes in other forms, but the phrase "turnaround" is a good way to remember what I am talking about.

When you are setting up for a photoshoot of some spectacular sunset or sunrise or maybe you are looking at some architectural structure that you are focusing on.  Look around to see what else is an option for a photo.  Events that are rare and seem to gather crowds can be another form of the turnaround technique where you are capturing people's reactions to the event.  Try to include a piece of the event for context, but the reactions may be as good or better than the actual event because it will be showing emotion.

So the obvious is to simply turn around and you may see something like this:
Cincinnati Skyline from Union TerminalCincinnati SkylineCincinnati Skyline from Union Terminal

If I had a better sky this would be a much better photo.  However, that is what I saw when I turned around from the main subject in the photo below.  I had to use Luminar to replace the sky from my personal library of skies because it was a gray and boring sky (as you can see in my turnaround photo).  I believe the sky is from Oklahoma during a drive home with my daughter.  In this photo trip, my intention was mostly to practice and to look for angles to get of Union Terminal.  I was expecting partly cloudy skies according to the weatherman, but he missed that prediction by a mile.  The clouds never left.

Cincinnati Skyline from Union TerminalUnion TerminalCincinnati Skyline from Union Terminal

Frequenting a location is a technique I use to learn better angles and options for better photos.  It also gets me to learn many things about a location such as parking, costs (if any), where I am allowed to go, where the sun is, available amenities if any, or any other important information to know.  With COVID, there was hardly anyone there, but if there are workers it is good to talk to them to let them know you are taking photos.  It is polite to ask even if you know it is allowed.  This shows some respect and will likely end in advice from the worker that you would not know about.

Here are a couple of more shots with different angles and a turnaround shot.

dlg-uniontermiinal-CIncySkyline-2298-20201214CincinnatiCincinnati Skyline from Union Terminal Union TerminalUnion TerminalUnion Terminal Union TerminalUnion TerminalUnion Terminal



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I am glad you found my blog.  I am a photographer with a passion for awesome shots.  I go to great lengths to capture many of my photos.  I will re-visit a location over and over knowing there is a spectacular photo just waiting to be had if I am there at the right time.   I also enjoy finding how to do some abstract projects (check out my time-lapse post) and will be writing about them.

Send me a note via my contact page for some projects you would like to see me try and write about.  I am not afraid to try almost any project.  Doing the obscure forces me to do things that I don't do with the typical photo shoot and helps me learn even more.