Blue Light Night Shot

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Blue FountainBlue FountainBlue fountain in a small lake

I am starting this blog post with a photo right at the top.  Why not?

This photo is part of a monthly photo that my photography club and I publish in our community newspaper.  Our community is Hidden Valley Lake in Indiana, and our club is called "HVL Photography Club".   Not as catchy as some club names that I have seen out there, but we wanted it to be obvious in hopes to attract members.  We have about 25 members with about 10 active members on a regular basis.  So I am pleased with that.

Our article is titled "Where in HVL" and is published once a month with an occasional miss now and then.  What is interesting to me is our "Where in HVL" article is one of the more popular reads in the online version.   Our community is pretty large and.. well, let me just copy and paste a paragraph from the home page:

Nestled in the rolling woodlands of southeast Indiana just 30 minutes west of Cincinnati, the private community of Hidden Valley Lake offers a unique blend of small-town charm and big-city access. The 150-acre lake, 6 smaller lakes, 18-hole golf course, athletic fields, pool complex, sandy beach, restaurant & bar, and more provide abundant recreation opportunities. We welcome you to discover the many reasons why “life is good where we live.”

With the size of our community, it is very easy to not see it all.  We have 4 entrances around the perimeter and some residents come and go from the same entrance and may never see half of the community.  But as you can see from the description, we have a lot of amenities that are spread throughout.  So, if you just use a few of them you will get off the beaten path.   The article in our local paper is a way to show residents what is around and possibly get them out and about to enjoy some of the parts they don't see very often.

How I took this photo:

To get this photo I use all manual settings except for focus.  The fountain was close enough and there was enough contrast for the autofocus to work.  For most night photos I am also on manual mode for focus as well.  However, in this photo, the auto was good to use, so I did.

My settings were:

Shutter speed: 30 seconds
Aperture: 3.5
ISO 100

I took sever others at different ISO to get a smaller aperture, but this one turned out to be my favorite of the batch.

Thanks for reading and come back each week for the next post.  I am also posting tips on Wednesdays.  So be sure to mark this page as a favorite and come back often.


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