Photography Tips and Tricks - 2 (Reset Your Camera)

December 01, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome to tip #2

The first tip was a long post so in case I didn't mention this or it was not noticed I am going to try to publish one tip a week on Wednesday.  On with my tip.

If you are new to photography, you may hear pressure to get to manual mode.  Or you are an experienced hobbyist and have the same pressure.  Manual can be intimidating, but also rewarding.  However, just leaping into manual mode is not the best recommendation.  Instead, after you have learned the exposure triangle practice semi-automatic modes such as aperture and shutter priority.  And when you are done practicing whatever mode you are trying to learn, put the camera back in automatic.   Nothing is more discouraging than picking up your camera to snap a photo of something only to find it in some setting that will not work for the photo you just tried to get and now missed.

So, my tip is to always store your camera in Auto mode while you are learning.  Work toward non-auto modes, but in the beginning resetting to auto mode is acceptable.


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