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Most of the birds in this gallery are near my hometown in South Eastern Indiana. My favorite location (the Oxbow) is only about 6 miles from my home located in Lawrenceburg Indiana. The Oxbow does not disappoint a wildlife photographer with many different kinds of birds. There are eagles, egrets, ducks, geese, and many small birds. It is worth your time to stop and take a walk to take in the wildlife and scenery.
Eagle landingOxbowBirds-5283-20200529Red Belly woodpeckerWildLIfe-3044-20080131_800pxWoodPecker-P1040335-20180506HVL_WoodPeckerWildLIfe-2480-20080920_800pxRedShoulderHawk-1766-20201108Oxbow-6I9A2964-20200507Oxbow-4887-20200623OxbowDay-2916-20200507Oxbow-4735-20200623OxbowDay-2788-20200507BlueBirdHVL_RobinHVL_TuftedTitMouseoriole-3548-20200510WildLIfe-3824-20081127_800pxWildLIfe-6815-20090524_800pxWildLIfe-6916-20090530_800px